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Retail Therapy in Gettysburg

By Donna White – I admit it, I like to shop. Some would say that’s a problem, but everything in moderation, right? Sometimes shopping for me is just a way to get out of the house or office and think about something else. It’s kind of a mini escape, a way to rejuvenate and move forward. Gettysburg has so many little gems for those retail therapy getaways.

The Country Curiosity Shop located inside the historic Dobbin House at 89 Steinwehr Avenue, Gettysburg, is one of those shops that has a little bit of everything – from jams, fruit butters and candy, to beautiful fashion jewelry. If you are a Vera Bradley fan they have a great selection of bags, scarves and accessories. They always have music playing while you stroll and shop which is so relaxing.  On my last trip, I found a little trinket for myself, a beautiful white angel wing plate (I LOVE angel wings). I can always count on finding something beautiful in this quaint little shop.

Shopping is also a form of rejuvenation for me. The Crystal Wand located at 529 Baltimore Street, Gettysburg, has all types of stones and crystals meant to help relax and rejuvenate the soul. On my next trip, I want to pick up one their scented candles meant to help bring harmony, peace and comfort. Who couldn’t use a little of that? The Crystal Wand is a unique shop with quite unique offerings like crystal balls, bath salts and herbs.

Artworks located at 30 York Street, Gettysburg helps feed my crafty soul. You can’t help but start to shop as you walk by the double glass windows filled with beautiful hand-crafted items including gorgeous quilts and wall hangings. Something that caught my eye recently was a line of soy candles in incredibly yummy scents that also have lotion in them. As the wax melts you dip your finger in and rub it into your hands. It creates a soothing, sweet smelling moisture barrier. Anyone who knows me knows, I am a card carrying CANDLE-HOLIC. Needless to say, one went home with me. I can’t go without mentioning the beautiful hand cut metal art that adorns one entire wall of the store in all shapes and sizes for indoor or outdoor use.

One store that feeds my creative soul is Lark, located on Lincoln Square in Gettysburg. The exposed brick walls used as display backdrops and the sound of the creaky wood floors mixed with the funky music they play instantly puts me in a creative spirit. This store has something for man, woman and child. The handmade stone liquor dispensers and hand carved wooden stools made from whiskey barrels are the perfect selection for him. They carry a sweet baby line of clothing and blankets that are just simply soft, yummy and adorable. I could fill a shopping bag with all of the beautiful home decorating accessories. The displays at Lark inspire me to take something back home and spruce up an old space. Gifts for others or gifts for me, Lark has it.

These are just a few awesome shopping fixes on my list. Take a day and visit some of the beautiful shops around Adams County. The scenic drive to many of these places is as beautiful as the things inside. Redbud House on the center square in New Oxford carries some interesting kitchen and cooking finds. Thomason’s Olde Thyme Herb Farm and Gift Shop has delicious teas, trendy clothing and sits on the Thomason’s beautiful farm located in East Berlin. Hollabaugh Bros. Inc. Fruit Farm and Market in Biglerville carries great little pick-me-up gifts along with must-take-home, Apple Cider Donuts. And don’t forget The Outlet Shoppes at Gettysburg, a one stop shop for any shopping queen.

Now that I’ve talked about all of these wonderful shopping experiences, I need to take a day off and SHOP!


About the Author
Living in the Gettysburg area for nearly 30 years, Donna White lives in nearby Cashtown, Pa. with her husband, Denny. She revels in shopping and showing love through food. She enjoys cooking Sunday Dinner each week for as little as 4 or as many as 14. Spending time with family and friends is her absolute favorite thing to do.

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