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End of Summer Gettysburg Bucket-List

Have you been to Gettysburg yet this summer? If not, now is your time! We’re on a mission to make the most of the end of this summer, and we invite you to Gettysburg to do the same! There are so many fun opportunities waiting for you in this historic, charming and scenic Pennsylvania town.

There is still time to make the summer of 2018 your best summer of experiences. View our end of summer Gettysburg bucket-list, and cross off as many things as you can. Download and print the bucket-list here, for bucket-list inspiration right in front of you!

100 Nights of Taps

The notes of Taps fill the air in Gettysburg, every evening through Labor Day for 100 Nights of Taps. Each evening at 7 p.m., a bugler sounds the famous 24-note call in honor of those who have served our nation. The event is free and open to the public and takes place at the Soldiers’ National Monument in Soldiers’ National Cemetery. Though short in duration, this experience will move and inspire you.

Eat Adams County Produce

Adams County is home to more than 20,000 acres of fruit producing soil, and there is no better time than right now to experience the benefits of that. Fresh from the farm fruits and vegetables are abundant right now at Gettysburg area farmers’ markets, countryside markets and farm-to-table restaurants.

Events to check out:

Bounty of the County: Aug. 10-19

Farmer’s Market Tour and Cooking Class: Aug. 11, Sept. 8, Oct. 6

Field to Fork Agritourism Experience: Aug. 25, Sept. 1, Oct. 13

Witness Living History

There is no better way to grasp a greater understanding of the past than to watch it come alive. There are many living history opportunities available in Gettysburg, and summer is a prime time to experience them.

Events to check out: 

Living History Camps at the Gettysburg Heritage Center: Weekends

Civil War Living History Weekends on the Gettysburg Battlefield

Preservation Workshops at the Daniel Lady Farm: Saturdays through September

George Spangler Farm Civil War Hospital: 2nd Corps Field Hospital CSA: Aug. 3-5

Map Camp in Camp Tiger: Aug. 4, Sept. 15, Oct. 20

Catherine Comes Home Tour: Aug. 5, 12, 19, Sept. 2

George Spangler Farm Civil War Field Hospital, Season Closing Weekend: Aug. 10-12

Kent Courtney, History through Music: Aug. 17, Oct. 12

Gettysburg: The Medical Aftermath: Aug. 25 & 26

Georgia, Your Sister Is Dead: Sept. 2, Oct. 6, Nov. 17

Experience Authentic Adams County

Adams County is a farming community – and is full of people who open their homes and businesses to visitors looking to experience the area’s agricultural side. So many authentic Adams County experiences enable visitors to get a hands-on look at what makes this area so special.

Events to check out:

Breakfast on the Farm: Aug. 4, Sept. 29

Summer Harvest Dinner: Aug. 18

Gettysburg Goat Yoga

Lace up your Hiking Shoes

When daylight gets shorter and shorter, and our schedules get busier, we tend to make less time for outdoor activities. Before summer fades to fall, lace up your hiking shoes for an adventure at Strawberry Hill Nature Preserve or check out these 8 great hikes on the Gettysburg battlefield!

Watch a Battlefield Sunset

Watching the sun set over the battlefield is a picturesque and inspiring way to end a day in Gettysburg. There are so many places on the battlefield to choose from to catch stunning sunset views – that you could make your own Gettysburg battlefield sunset bucket-list!

Enjoy Summertime Beverages

There’s no better time to enjoy a crisp and refreshing brew, or a light and fruity cocktail than right now. Before we know it, cooler temperatures will roll in and we’ll begin craving more warming and comforting beverages. Savor the rest of sunny summer days with the vibrant summer flavors of your favorite beverages at area restaurants and on the Adams County Pour Tour.

Attend a Festival

If you haven’t been to a festival this summer, Gettysburg has got you covered. There are so many festivals to choose from yet this summer -and beyond – that your hardest task will be deciding which one (or two) to attend. And don’t worry – festival season in Gettysburg doesn’t end in the summer. Check out the National Apple Harvest Festival this fall.

Events to check out:

Peach Festival: Aug. 4 & 5

Ford Family Day: Aug. 4

Bluegrass Festival: Aug. 16-19

Brew Fest: Aug. 18

Summer Fest: Aug. 25

Dine Outdoors

If you’re anything like us, you love to dine outdoors as often as possible when the weather is nice. We’re fortunate in Gettysburg to have many great options for outdoor dining and drinks. Many stops on the Adams County Pour Tour give visitors the chance to kick back with a drink and enjoy scenic outdoor views.

Listen to Live Music

There is no shortage of live music events this summer in Gettysburg. Gather your friends, your family or both and head out for a fun night or weekend of joy-inducing live music! Whether you attend a music event or catch it spontaneously at a Gettysburg area winery or restaurant, make sure you tune into Gettysburg live music before summer ends!


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