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Taking a Snow Day at Liberty Mountain Resort

By Stacey Fox – Since winter finally hit in Pennsylvania, my husband and daughter have been taking advantage of their season passes at Liberty Mountain Resort, just down the road from Gettysburg, Pa. They decided it was time for me to head to the mountain with them and see if I still had what it takes to keep up with them. It had been 16 years since I had clicked into a pair of skis, and I must admit, I was a little nervous about venturing out on the slopes again.

So much has changed since I was last at Liberty. They do a great job of making the mountain experience fun and safe. While I own my own skis, so much has changed, that we felt it best that I rent more modern skis from Liberty’s rental shop. The process was so quick and easy, before I knew it we were on the snow and clicking our boots into our bindings. We headed to the lift for what would end up being the quickest four hours of winter fun I have had in years.
We took the lift up the front – heading over the terrain park where the skilled (and unskilled) were hitting jumps and grinding rails – to the top of the mountain where we could start on my daughter Chloe’s favorite trail – Dipsy Doodle. It’s a green circle, which is one of their easier trails, but still a lot of fun. We took that to Whitney’s Way so we could stay on the back side of the mountain. One run down and it was like I had never stepped off the mountain. They say skiing is like riding a bike, but with the new skis that they have, I was even better than the last time I went.

We took several more runs down the back and even took one thLibertyMtn (3)1e entire way down Dipsy Doodle back to the front, riding the lift back to the very top. After about two hours, Chloe decided it was time for a break. She wanted to hit McKee’s Tavern for what she believes is the best hot chocolate ever. I opted to have my hot chocolate with a little Kahlua, and I have to agree, it was really good hot chocolate. I also decided we needed to get an order of the crab dip which was so deliciously creamy and crabby.

Recharged and ready to go, we clicked back into the skis and headed back up the lift for another two hours of runs. In the past – before we had kids – Brian and I had season passes to the mountain every year. We skied every trail and spent hours on the mountain; my favorite trail was always Heavenly. After skiing with Brian and Chloe I took a run down my favorite trail by myself.

It was great being back on the mountain. We also got Chloe to try a few new trails that day, proving to LibertyMtn (4)1her that she was ready for the next level of trails. Before we left for the day, Brian and Chloe wanted to try out the Terrain Park. I am not that adventurous, as I have no business hitting jumps, but went along anyway. Brian has always been the guy catching every groove, jump and bump he could. He looked great hitting the jumps. Chloe gave it her best, but she still needs a bit more practice.

It was a great day on the slopes with my family. They’re already asking when I am going to go again with them. My husband is making plans for next season when my son – who just learned to walk a few months ago – can be on the mountain with us. Whether you ski or board, Liberty is a great place to spend a few hours or a whole weekend. Just 15 minutes from Gettysburg you can enjoy a fabulous snow adventure. And, if you aren’t up for snowboarding of skiing, Liberty Mountain also offers snow tubing.

Make it a weekend getaway – The Courtyard By Marriott Gettysburg offer fun snow day packages.  Of course, Liberty Mountain Resort also offers great packages for first time and longtime skiers. Check out Liberty Mountain Resorts new lodge complete with new hotel rooms, two new restaurants and spas service. It’s time to take a snow day!


About the Author:
A native of Adams County, Pa., Stacey now lives in East Berlin just north of Gettysburg. After spending years traveling throughout the United States, she believes she lives in the most beautiful place in the country. Her favorite part of living here is the natural beauty of the landscape – the rolling hills, orchards, streams, wooded areas and the friendly people. She spends her time with her husband, Brian, 10-year-old daughter, Chloe, and 1-year-old son, Henry.


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