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Pour Tour Itineraries

Are you excited to start your Adams County Pour Tour journey, but aren't quite sure where to begin? These Pour Tour itineraries will help you make the most of your visit as you collect stamps and explore Adams County!

Taste your way through the Adams County countryside with samplings from some of Pennsylvania’s finest craft beverages.

Get a taste of Adams County’s craft beverage scene with this full and flavorful itinerary!

Apples, apples and more apples are grown all across Adams County! Discover for yourself the funky flavors of the hard ciders that these freshly picked apples are being turned into giving Adams County the nickname, Cider Town, Pa.

Combine the history that runs deep in Gettysburg’s roots with the flavorful craft beverages that are produced from the fruits of its soil, and you have the makings for the perfect getaway.

The Adams County Pour Tour may be a craft beverage trail at heart, but along the way you’ll find that many of the stops have mouthwatering food pairings too. Follow along for this satisfying mix of sweet and savory pairings along the trail.

Gettysburg is tapping into the distilling industry and we have just the itinerary to get you sipping on these spirits yourself.

Adams County may be known for its bountiful orchards, but it also is home to many vineyards and wine tasting rooms. Hop in the car for a long weekend getaway and sample carefully crafted wines of every variety.

While the Adams County Pour Tour includes craft beverages of every variety – wine, beer, cider and spirits – we wanted to create an itinerary for those of you who especially appreciate an ice-cold craft brew.

Gettysburg has an incredible tasting experience right in the heart of its downtown streets.

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