Plan Your Gettysburg Trip


For the Spirits Guru

Gettysburg is tapping into the distilling industry and we have just the itinerary to get you sipping on these spirits yourself.

Day 1

Get started with drinks and lunch at Mason Dixon Distillery, just outside of downtown Gettysburg. If you like your drinks straight you can drink their vodka, rum and whiskey smooth on the rocks, or try them in a craft cocktail. Their food is equally amazing. Try favorites like their Shrimp and Grits or Poutine. What makes them unique? The grains in their spirits are grown right on the Gettysburg battlefield! Don’t forget to get your passport stamped.

Next, head downtown and explore charming Lincoln Square. Head in to Mount Hope Winery at Gettysburg for Spirits Distilling Company spirits produced at Mount Hope Estate. A line of standard varieties are produced, but the main attraction are the spirits distilled from other estate beverages, capturing the essence of the original product in its new form. Wine, cider, mead and beer are also produced at the estate. Then, stop by the David Wills House or the Shriver House Museum or take a walking tour with the Gettysburg Licensed Town Historians. After soaking in some history, have another drink at Tattered Flag Tap Room or Appalachian Brewing Company (ABC) - Battlefield. Both are located right along Steinwehr Avenue and serve both spirits AND beer.

Before heading to your next stop, check out one of Gettysburg’s suspenseful escape rooms. Use the clues and riddles provided to work together with your group to get out before time runs out! Whether you win or lose, reward yourself for a valiant effort with a drink at Spirits of Gettysburg Distillery. Spirits of Gettysburg Distillery is the first licensed distillery in Gettysburg and Adams County since prohibition and shares the historic site with Battlefield Brew Works. Both are located inside a Civil War era barn used as a Confederate Field Hospital during the Battle of Gettysburg. Getting hungry? Battlefield Brew Works/Spirits of Gettysburg Distillery will satisfy your appetite with their menu. We recommend their Smoked Elk Sausage with Jalapeño and Cheddar or their 3 Cheese Chili Lime Corn Quesadilla. Or head to the other ABC location - Appalachian Brewing Company - Gateway just off of Route 30. Grab a bite and collect two more stamps in your passport by sampling both their spirits and their beer. Appalachian Craft Spirits make your favorite cocktails even better!

Now that you’re an expert on Adams County’s spirits, venture into its other craft beverages to complete the Pour Tour and enter to win a getaway to Gettysburg!

Featured in this Trip Idea

Small Batch Spirits from locally grown grains! Cocktails and food all made from scratch on site!


331 E. Water Street,
Gettysburg, PA 17325

Mount Hope Winery is excited to become a part of the Gettysburg community. Sample hand-crafted Mount Hope Wines, Swashbuckler Beers, Lancaster County Ciders and Spirits Distilling Company spirits at the new Gettysburg location.


19 Lincoln Square,
Gettysburg, PA 17325

Located in downtown Gettysburg, the David Wills House offers visitors a world-class museum experience that tells the story of Lincoln and the Gettysburg Address.


8 Lincoln Square,
Gettysburg, PA 17325

Travel back in time with a guide dressed in period attire as you walk through the Shrivers’ meticulously restored 1860 home to learn the other side of the Battle of Gettysburg - how families and their homes were affected during and after the battle that ravaged this historic town.


309 Baltimore Street,
Gettysburg, PA 17325

A town changed forever! Dead and dying soldiers lying everywhere. Walk the streets of Gettysburg with a Licensed Town Historian/Guide and hear the civilians' experiences of life in Gettysburg before, during and after the Battle. Venture to Gettysburg's seldom seen places. Experience Lincoln's visit.


Gettysburg Lincoln Railroad Station,
35 Carlisle Street, Gettysburg, PA 17325

Stop by our veteran owned and operated business for award winning beer, spirits and hand crafted cocktails. Come Raise a Flag with us!


45 Steinwehr Avenue,
Gettysburg, PA 17325

The newest Appalachian Brewing Co. location. Enjoy small-batch craft beer, craft soda and brewpub food.


259 Steinwehr Avenue,
Gettysburg, PA 17325

Make history with Gettysburg's first live Escape Room. Looking for something fun and different to do while in Gettysburg? You have exactly one hour to escape a fun themed room full of clues and puzzles with a team. Will you escape in time?

717 420-2481

59 North Fifth Street,
Gettysburg, PA 17325

1863 Escape Room gives its participants the opportunity to solve a Civil War mystery within one hour. As the suspense, excitement, and intrigue build, you will work as a team using your best intuition, instinct, and logic to become a "hero" before time runs out. Proudly located in historic downtown!


344 Baltimore Street,
Gettysburg, PA 17325

Located just 2 miles east of the Gettysburg Square in the Historic Montfort Farm. Brewing and serving beers & spirits on-site. Beer and spirits to-go. Enjoy slow hand crafted beers that deliver a historical experience with a nice selection of brewpub food options!


248 Hunterstown Road,
Gettysburg, PA 17325

Brewpub located at Gateway Gettysburg serving hand-crafted brews, craft sodas and exceptional fare.


70 Presidential Circle,
Gettysburg, PA 17325