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Looking for a place to park your RV so you can explore historic Gettysburg? Search our website for host properties in the Gettysburg, PA area that are ready to host your home on wheels. Our properties include small businesses, farms and individual properties with varying access to water and electric hookups. Find a host property that suits your needs with UpClose-RV. Our properties save you money and offer the convenience of choosing a location that's in close proximity to all that you want to see and do in Gettysburg. 

UpClose RV is a veteran owned business with the mission of bringing property owners and RV owners together for mutual benefit. During his almost 40 year military career, CEO Mike Lockwood discovered the need for RV host properties and the idea for UpClose-RV was born. Check out Mike's story:

"After years of following me around in the military and homeschooling our two boys as we moved about the country, my wife of 27 years decided she had had enough of moving. Especially after finding the community in Carlisle, PA (Where I had attended United States Army War College), so welcoming. After graduation, the Army decided that I needed to return to the Pentagon for another stint in that cement city. But this time, I would be going without my lovely wife. So, in trying to figure out how I was going to manage the cost of two households I decided to buy a used travel trailer and park it near my new assignment. I love my little trailer, a 26ft Keystone Ultralight, but then I began to try an find a place to camp it. Easy, huh? Well yes and no, I could find places to park but not many long term. I found two places that would let me park for a longer period. The first one was just a dump and the trailers packed in next to each other like sardines. The second one was more acceptable. Both were at least an hour and a half commute (often two hours). Every morning and afternoon while on the road I would ask myself, "isn't there a better way"? I also took notice that there were many homes along the route that could easily allow me to park "bell" (the name I gave to my trailer; my truck I named blue, thus Bluebell..the name of my favorite ice-cream) on their property. I even saw many with their own RVs in their driveways or properties. These thoughts gave me the idea for UpClose-RV."

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