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Our Camp is complete with wagons, tents, a waterwheel, a blacksmith shop, pig pens and so much more. It truly is a hidden gem here in Gettysburg and something fun and educational for people of all ages. Whether you are looking for something to do for 2 people or 100 people, this is the place for you.

In Their Shoes:  $11.95 adults/$8.95 kids - 90 minutes

Experience life through the eyes of a Civil War Soldier, and follow us to the garret (attic) of the Farnsworth House for a sharpshooters view of Cemetery Hill, and to see relics from the Gettysburg Battlefield. Then follow them to an authentic encampment to experience the hardships of everyday life for a Civil War soldier. Tour a Civil War camp conducted by a Civil War soldier in full battle dress. During this program, you will experience a day in the life of a soldier. Guests are issued a wooden replica rifle, haversack and hat. See tents, wagons, spring house, blacksmith tent and a demonstration by your guide. The camp area is actual battle ground held by Confederates during the battle of Gettysburg.

This tour also includes:

  • The Farnsworth house which has over 100 bullet holes still visible today!
  • A trip to the garret to view a fine collection of Civil War artifacts.
  • A view from the garret window that was occupied by the Confederate sharpshooter who is believed to have shot Jennie Wade (only civilian death during the battle of Gettysburg).

Farnsworth House Presents... Sleepy Hollow Ghost Tours

Mourning Theater- 60 Minutes

  • Adults- $9 plus tax, Children under age 7 - Free. Kid Friendly? It is in the dark, but the content is appropriate.
  • Follow us down to the cellar of one of the most haunted inns in America. There your guide will tell you of the long, sad history of the Farnsworth House and the spirits that still remain. Decorated like a Victorian mourning parlor, complete with antique coffins, hair wreaths, and other relics of death, our cellar is the birthplace of ghost storytelling in Gettysburg.

East Cemetery Hill Walk- 90 Minutes

  • Adults- $10 plus tax, Children under age 7 - Free. Kid Friendly? Yes
  • Take an evening walk around Gettysburg and explore a few of the town’s most haunted locations. Locations include the garret (attic) of the Farnsworth House, used by Confederates as a sharpshooter’s nest, the witness tree, the Jennie Wade house and “The Grove”, the site of a massive Confederate offensive on the evening of July 2nd, 1863.

Confederate Hospital Walk-  90 Minutes

  • Adults- $10 plus tax, Children under age 7 - Free. Kid Friendly? Not for the faint of heart. Contains graphic/gory content.
  • The echoes of the sights, sounds and smells of the wounded and dying still reverberate through Gettysburg. Begin your journey in the haunted cellar of the Farnsworth House, just below what used to be a make-shift hospital. Then head north into the heart of town and hear the grisly history and ghost stories of many buildings used as field hospitals by Union and Confederate soldiers alike.

Ghost Hunt-  90 Minutes

  • Adults- $15 plus tax, Kid Friendly? No one under 10 please.
  • This is for those who want to create their own ghost stories. Use the equipment you see the pros use, including K-2 meters, thermal sensors, dowsing rods, digital voice recorders and night vision/infrared viewers. Begin in the cellar of the Farnsworth House and then head out to “The Grove”, one of the most haunted battlefields at Gettysburg, to complete your investigation.

Paranormal Night - 8 pm - 2 am (offered monthly) 6 hours

  • $55 per person plus tax
  • No Children under 10 permitted.
  • Use our ghost hunting equipment to explore the Farnsworth House! Have access to the Attic, Cellar and the Meade and Lee Dining Rooms.
  • Snacks Mid-Ghost Hunt

Visit our website for a current tour schedule, seasonal tour offerings, as well as to purchase tickets!


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