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Bicycling Gettysburg National Military Park: The Cyclist's Civil War Travel Guide is the one-and-only book that you need to bicycle the Gettysburg battlefield. Take a ride back in time and learn the three-day story of the Battle of Gettysburg (July 1-3, 1863) from the perspective of a bicyclist. This book's 286 full-color pages are packed with 34 maps, hundreds of monument and landscape photographs, and GPS points for a 23.8-mile looped tour over 6,000 acres of park land. Written for experienced and recreational bicyclists alike, this guidebook is a treasure trove of historical summaries that even licensed battlefield guides will enjoy reading and (re)committing to memory. Get your guidebook today!

"The best ways to truly see a battlefield are by walking and biking. And biking a battlefield such as Gettysburg provides a rush like no other. Sue has produced a valuable book about how to ride that most hallowed Civil War ground. A definite keeper."

   -- John Banks, journalist, blogger, author

"Three days in July 1863 changed America. Whether you are an experienced cyclist or just starting out, a serious historian or history buff, you will want to visit Gettysburg more than once. Make sure you take this guide along."

   -- Ken Rich, Gettysburg history buff

"Quite fascinating, Bicycling Gettysburg is a great, easy to read book for history buffs and rookie history learners alike. It is a pictorial book that also has detailed information about the Battle of Gettysburg. I am excited to use the maps and images on my next visit to Gettysburg."

   -- SPC Kevin Kozlowski, U.S. Army veteran, American Studies graduate student.

For the history buff ... The book's maps identify the locations of:

  • All state monuments
  • All equestrian monuments
  • All bronze statues of individuals
  • A sampling of regimental monuments for all states
  • Farm buildings, towers, and more

For the bicyclist ... The book's maps identify:

  • All roads, especially park roads and one-way roads
  • Significant ridges, hills, fields, woodlots, and more
  • Natural and physical landmarks for orienteering
  • Restrooms, portable toilets, and water sources
  • Picnic areas, bicycle racks, and parking lots
  • Town roads that have sidewalks or bicycle lanes

The book covers these Gettysburg-specific bicycle touring topics:

  • Bicycle selection, transportation, and rental options
  • Lodging considerations, parking
  • Contingency planning (in case of rain)
  • Pointers to bicycle laws and park policies

Bicycling Gettysburg National Military Park: Digital (PDF) Maps

Please browse our downloadable digital maps that you can purchase, print and/or view on your PDF-enabled mobile device during a stop. We offer 14 different bicycle routes of varying distances, landscape features, and historic themes. Bundled options are also available. Questions? Please contact

What is Civil War Cycling?

Civil War Cycling is your one and only source for help planning a safe, looped and historically themed ride over 6,000+ acres of park land. Established in 2018, our core business is the publication of touring maps, guidebooks, and other educational materials for cycling U.S. Civil War battlefield parks. Our guidebook and digital companion maps for bicycling Gettysburg appeal to free-minded explorers and history buffs who want to learn about the Battle of Gettysburg - or "hunt" for monument photographs - on their own. Accessible to the general reader and bicyclists of all skill levels, Civil War Cycling's touring materials will help you to plan your own self-directed battlefield tour. Be independent. Be safe. Be free.

Civil War Cycling's owner, Sue Thibodeau, grew up near Gettysburg and has toured the battlefield countless times by bus, car, foot and bicycle. Hooked on the value of outdoor, experiential learning, and having learned from her many bicycling mistakes, Sue created a guidebook whose aim is to help tourists spend less time planning and more time enjoying the thrill of an educational ride - your way, at your pace, according to your historical interest.

In 2020, we will add Antietam National Battlefield touring maps, guidebooks and educational materials to our product line.

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