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The Battle of Gettysburg echoes in the annals of American History. It has shaped who we are as a country and a people. Immersive content company, QuantumERA®, with historical review by the Gettysburg National Military Park Service and in collaboration with the Seminary Ridge Museum, has authentically resurrected the events of Gettysburg into an exciting new immersive, mixed reality app called Gettysburg: A Nation Divided. Download the app on Google Play or the App Store beginning in spring of 2020.

Download the app before your group visits Gettysburg. We can provide a personal tour guide to visit Gettysburg's battlefield and the Seminary Ridge Museum. Our app is a great way to engage with your group in an off-site, team building exercise, or scavenger hunt. We can provide guidance on how to create competition within the app, track engagement at different scenes on the app and reward completion.

More than re-telling history, Gettysburg: A Nation Divided places us in the middle of the three days that changed history. To understand the stories like the ill-fated charge of General George Pickett, how close the Union forces of General Meade came to losing the battle and the ultimate defeat of General Lee's army, this immersive experience brings the past to the present.

Today, visitors to the historic site can see epic battle scenes through their own smart devices (tablets and smartphones) on the exact location where events took place in 1863. The user controls the time travel experience including dramatic animations of the battle and 360 views of critical action in each of the battle stories. Included is an artifact scavenger hunt and the ability to earn virtual Civil War coins (and a better understanding of what happened) in the process. The app experience is available to users throughout the world. 

At the battlefield and museum, a combination of geolocations and Beacons will alert the visitor to interactive media on their mobile devices, which will expand their understanding of the Gettysburg story. At stops like the McPherson's Ridge, the visitor is transported back in time and space to where the first shot in the battle was fired. Or stand beside Colonel Joshua Chamberlain as he calls out "Bayonet!" and watch as his men follow him in a charge that surprises the Confederate soldiers and wins the fight for Little Round Top, using only bayonets.

Gettysburg: A Nation Divided reinvents traditional storytelling by transporting users to meet people and see places that up until now, could only exist in their wildest imagination. This experience is created using the latest mixed reality technologies and platforms, with a dedication to high production value and authenticity resulting in users taking a quantum leap in time. 

Download the Gettysburg: A Nation Divided app prior to your visit, or after your visit for a rich immersive experience that you can explore over and over again. The app works through geolocation on the battlefield and guides you to real artifacts in the museum. The app can also be utilized anywhere in the world, a great experience for educators, history buffs, families and more. It also provides virtual access to battlefield areas not accessible to people with disabilities or physical limitations.

We are excited to interact with visitors, young and old, who have an interest in learning more about what happened at Gettysburg through an immersive experience that provides great context through historically accurate yet entertaining storytelling, coupled with leading edge immersive technology.


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