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In choosing to do living history interpretations, Myra Reichart combines her life-long fascination with Civil War history in general and the Battle of Gettysburg in particular with her love of theater and teaching. What she says is culled from personal reminiscences of Gettysburg citizens. Her dialogue and her persona are created from bits and pieces found in her research into the battle, the community and 19th century life. The beautifully crafted and period-perfect dialogue that Reichart employs makes listeners think they are having an intimate conversation with someone who was there, and her characters often speak to issues and ideas that resonate for contemporary society.
We offer a variety of programs to meet the needs of groups, families and individual visitors alike. Whether your interest is in the battle and its aftermath from the civilian perspective (We believed they would never come or Remembering Mr. Lincoln), a walking tour with a new perspective, or a thought-provoking journey through the Soldiers' National Cemetery, we can craft an experience to suit your special needs.
If you are fascinated by the etiquette of 19th century life, we offer a light-hearted introduction to flirtation Victorian-style with The language of fans and parasols and Victorian floriography and making tussie mussies as well as the etiquette of the ballroom and other social settings. And no visit to the 19th century would be complete without a look at Victorian mourning customs.
In our general Civil War series, we offer a look at how Americans, both northern and southern, celebrated Christmas. And we delve into the letters and journals of soldiers and civilians alike to discover how their celebrations changed during those four terrible years of national struggle.
All of our programs are presented in period perfect dress and are designed to entertain as well as educate. We invite you to contact us so that we may help make your Gettysburg experience a memorable one.
Custom presentations available, call to discuss. Prices vary by group size and event. Activities scheduled to suit your needs.


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