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Be a part of the brand new WWII IN GETTYSBURG program brought to you by Tigrett Leadership Academy, a leadership development company. Touring groups will visit sites and discover why many great leaders—Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Dwight Eisenhower, Charles de Gaulle—were drawn to Gettysburg.

“Most people travel to Gettysburg to experience the hallowed grounds of the Civil War, but very few are aware of Gettysburg’s many contributions to WWII.” said Antigoni Ladd, co-owner of Tigrett Leadership Academy. “The Army set up a psychological warfare training camp in McMillan Woods. The Navy took over a hotel to produce maps of the Pacific Theater for the invasion of Japan. A P.O.W. camp on the battlefield housed Germans who worked on nearby farms and orchards that were shorthanded because of enlistments.”

This program recounts stories of wartime leaders and involves participants in discussions on leadership. More than a tour of WWII sites, this program encourages discussion of leadership growth, as in the experiences of Eisenhower in Gettysburg from his 1915 West Point class visit to his WWI assignment in establishing a tank training school here.
Our modular WWII program offers maximum flexibility: (1) bus tour only; (2) leadership program; (3) or both. Your tour can be tailored from a 2-hour bus tour of WWII sites in Gettysburg, to a half-day or full-day tour, to a 2-day leadership program with guest speakers and other activities. Choose what works for you.
Hear stories of WWII leaders who came to Gettysburg—President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Prime Minister Winston Churchill, General Dwight D. Eisenhower, and others. Learn civilian stories of war-time shortages, scrap drives, local ingenuity in supporting the war effort (flower-less junior prom, sportsmen helping farmers).

See where a young Dwight Eisenhower trained tank soldiers on the Civil War battlefield, visit a POW camp site, see where the military trained for psychological warfare, and learn about a secret map-making facility that provided maps for the invasion of Japan.

Walk in the Gettysburg National Cemetery which Lincoln dedicated, and which today is the final resting place of 1,600 WWII veterans. Hear stories of the men who gave their lives in combat,  from Pearl Harbor and the Battle of the Bulge, to D-Day and Guadalcanal. 
EXTEND YOUR BUS TOUR with a visit to the Eisenhower home and farm, bordering the battlefield on one side and offering a panorama mountain view on the other. 
Allow time to drive out to the POW interrogation camp in nearby Camp Michaux, where German and Japanese prisoners were questioned for military intelligence before being assigned to work camps. Discover the remnants of the camp still there today.
Gettysburg’s most famous citizen, Dwight D. Eisenhower, first visited Gettysburg with his West Point Class in 1915, and then returned to run a tank training school here in 1918. Learn how Eisenhower grew from an average student in college to become a top commander in WWII and later be elected to two terms as President. See why he and wife Mamie chose Gettysburg for the only home they ever owned. See the battlefield through the eyes of Eisenhower, who loved to give tours to his guests, including British commander Bernard Montgomery, French WWII ally Charles deGaulle, and personal friend and ally Winston Churchill. Pair your tour with an Eisenhower leadership program to make this visit to Gettysburg truly memorable.
Plan a lunch or dinner with a guest speaker on the POW camps, the psychological warfare training facility, or war-time leaders Eisenhower, Churchill, and FDR.

Programs and tours are available to tour groups and bus operators, and they may be tailored for the interests of various groups. For more information visit

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