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A Conversation with Ulysses and Julia Grant


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Conversations with the Grants bring history to life though living history interpreters. We invite you to explore history through the fascinating lives of Ulysses and Julia Grant who helped shaped history in the 19th Century. Immerse yourself in their stories through both playful and dramatic scenes, and interactions. Taking facts known about the Grants and events from history, they bring these stories to life through the use of entertaining techniques and conversations.

We are committed to educating our guests through the use of interactive, entertaining and historically accurate interpretations of the Grants. Your group can time travel back to the 19th Century and enjoy this encounter with the Grants. Suitable for all groups wishing for a unique experience interacting with the past.

Please contact the Grants for further information. We are here to provide you with the opportunity to visit the past and bringing history to life.

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  • Group Tour Contact : Larry Clowers
  • General : Student Friendly