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JAN 25

Presenting With Impact

When you think about effective and inspirational presenters you can probably identify traits and techniques as to why those individuals made such a lasting impact on you. Did you ever wonder why the presenter was so impactful? Truth be told, the short answer is the presenter’s preparation. However, the more comprehensive answer consists of multiple variables including the message being conveyed, the relevance of the topic, the presenter’s delivery skills, rehearsal, and yes, even previous failures. Presenting With Impact (PWI) is a workshop based on research from notable educational psychologists. This research provides the foundation that will allow you to better frame and organize your message so that it will more fully resonate with your audience, i.e., irrespective of whether you are presenting to your work group, to your fellow teachers or healthcare professionals, to your local school board or town hall, or even to an audience of 1000 people, the framework remains the same.

Equally appropriate for the most practiced presenter, and for people who are either inexperienced or terrified of presenting, PWI will provide you with tools and techniques to become a more confident and capable presenter. Come join Down Dog Gettysburg co-owner Everett, who has been teaching individuals and organizations in corporate America and the Federal Government how to present with with impact for nearly 20 years. Sign up now!

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