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Yin Yoga & Meditation (Teacher) Training for Everybody

This three-day training program is for anyone who wants to learn more or deepen their practice and learn meditation techniques for self care and relaxation. This is a 24hr Yoga Alliance accredited course and you will be eligible to claim continuing education units (CEUs) upon completion. Register by clicking here!


Friday, November 8: 9am-6pm
Saturday, November 9: 9am-6pm
Sunday, Nov 10: 9am-6pm


Early Bird Rate: $435
Single Payment Rate: $465 after July 1, 2019
Split Payment Rate: $480 at two payments of $240

Yin Yoga & Meditation is a powerful, healing combination of yin exercise to balance the body with Mindfulness Meditation practices to train the heart and mind in compassion. In this quiet, powerful practice, students explore the radical art of stillness while experiencing the transformative Applied Mindfulness practices taught by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh and other important contemporaries.

In Yin Yoga & Meditation, the poses are “mini-meditation sessions,” supporting the development of your emotional toolbox, a mind that is steadier and less reactive, and the ability to live in greater harmony with ourselves and with the world around us. This meditative approach provides deeper access to both body and mind and enhances physical and emotional attention and intention on and off the mat. This class opens a generous gateway to the present moment, helping to cultivate a peaceful mind and a body at home with itself.

In this Yin Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training, you will:

  • Experience the powerful combination of Yin Yoga & Meditation as a tool that can strengthen the skills of awareness and compassionate observation and explore how you can put these skills to use in daily life to be happier and healthier
  • Discuss and experience the restorative, rebalancing nature of Yin & Meditation as an effective counterbalance to our yang-centered culture to nourish and nurture your Whole Self
  • Enjoy daily Yin classes, distinct and intentionally integrated with Mindfulness theming and receive written sequences of each
  • Gain a background of the Western scientific view of Yin Yoga and some of the related research and science behind how Yin works to benefit the body’s soft connective tissues
  • Discuss basic anatomy of the YINside of the body and how its healthy function helps our overall health
  • Acquire foundational knowledge of classical Indian yoga and Chinese Daoist Organ/Meridian theory as the primary roots of the Yin practice
  • Learn the fundamentals of the classical Yin poses in Asana Theory Lab, including areas of exercise and benefits, effective cueing, visual demoing, safety precautions and variations/adaptations to help meet diverse practitioner needs
  • Experience both Mindfulness Meditation and Yin-like pranayama exercises, receiving general guidelines of teaching them and practicing incorporating and delivering them within the Yin practice
  • Gain experience planning and teaching Yin Yoga & Meditation sequences in a small group setting with time for sharing and feedback 
  • Explore foundations of Applied Buddhist philosophy and Mindfulness framework informed by teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh and other contemporaries
  • Have the foundational knowledge needed to plan and lead yourself or others through a supportive, safe and effective Yin Yoga & Meditation practice rooted in compassionate awareness
  • Have the basic know-how to develop, introduce and market Yin Yoga & Meditation classes
  • Receive my custom Yin Yoga & Meditation manual, a resource you can continue to consult and learn from
  • Overall, enjoy a safe and supportive, engaging, informative and inspired teaching/learning environment with opportunities for individual and group experiential learning and sharing.

Upcoming Event Dates

  • NOV 9
  • NOV 10

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