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MAY 23

Spring Ranger Programs

Free ranger-led hikes, walks and talks that explore key moments and locations on the Gettysburg battlefield. Stop by the Visitor Center Information Desk or visit our website for our weekly scheduled programs and times. 

Cemetery Ridge Hike: Crisis at the Union Center (90 min)
Hike from the Visitor Center to Cemetery Ridge, where fighting raged on July 3, 1863. Visit the site of Pickett’s Charge, explore the Bloody Angle, and walk in the footsteps of the men who struggled there. Meet at Ranger Site 1 at Museum & Visitor Center.

Four Score and Seven Years Ago: Lincoln and the Soldiers’ National Cemetery (35 min)
Visit the site of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and explore the Soldiers’ National Cemetery where over 3,500 soldiers killed in the battle were laid to rest. Meet at National Cemetery, Taneytown Road Gate.

Hold to the Last! The Battle for Little Round Top (60 min)
For over an hour on July 2, 1863, Union and Confederate troops battled for possession of this small hill. Explore the rocky summit, see original Union breastworks and discover why Little Round Top was so important to both armies. Meet at Warren Statue, Little Round Top - Auto Tour Stop 8.

The Forgotten Battle: The Fight for Culp’s Hill (60 min)
Walk the wooded slopes of Culp’s Hill where the most sustained fighting of the battle took place. Meet at Culp’s Hill Tower, Slocum Avenue.

Cannoneers to Your Post! Join the Artillery (40 min)
Join a National Park Service living historian and become part of a gun crew as you discover the role artillery played during the Battle of Gettysburg. Meet at Ranger Site 1 at the Museum & Visitor Center.

Care of the Wounded (60 min)
Civil War medicine was more than just bone saws and amputations. Learn how the wounded were evacuated and treated, and discover the amazing story of the doctors and nurses who struggled to keep them alive. Meet at Ranger Site 2 at the Museum & Visitor Center.

Hardtack, Mud, and Marching: The Life of the Civil War Soldier (60 min)
Over 160,000 soldiers participated in the Battle of Gettysburg. Who were they, where did they come from, and what was their experience during four years of war? Meet at Ranger Site 1 at the Museum & Visitor Center.

Then and Now: The Photographs of Devil’s Den (60 min)
We’ll use our Then and Now webpage to help tell the story of the aftermath of the battle around Devil’s Den and stand where the photographers stood when they captured their iconic pictures. Be sure to bring your smart phone or tablet for this interactive program. Meet at Devil’s Den Parking Lot.

Stay and Fight it Out! The Third Day and Beyond (60 min)
Visit the site of Pickett’s Charge, the climactic moment of the Battle of Gettysburg, and discover what the outcome of the battle meant for the Union and Confederacy. Meet at the National Cemetery Parking Lot.

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