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APR 20

Degüello at the Garryowen Irish Pub!

First time show at the Garryowen! We're excited and honored to welcome for the first time Degüello, a ZZ Top cover band from Hanover, PA. This is their first show, so let's make it a memorable one. Make sure to plan your April now so you don't miss out!

"This is gonna be a "dry run" of the whole set, at our favorite place to play of all time, The Garryowen Irish Pub in Gettysburg. We have a "tradition" of making the Garryowen our first date in every band we do...and it's been a winning tradition for the last 12 years. I expect that the pace of the set will be a little more laid back than what we'll eventually do. This music/show requires some elements which we haven't typically used in the past (a number of guitar changes, new amp setups, pre-recorded entrance music, etc.) so we believe that this will be a chance to get things up and running the right way in a room we're pretty familiar with."

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