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Scrimshaw Demonstration and Art Show with Tim Sanner

Pennsylvania horn maker, Tim Sanner, received the status of “Master Hornsmith” by the “Honourable Company of Horners”, dedicated to the research, preservation and education of horn work. You’ll have the opportunity to meet with Tim and watch him add scrimshaw to powderhorns. Every piece is hand done and you’ll find an assortment of his works, from small “salt horns”, which make a great one-of-a-kind container for your kitchen to hold salt or other spices, to adjustable candle holders with horn bases (which are hollow to keep matches, etc.), up to full size horns for decorative and/or functional uses. 

Animal horns have served useful purposes for thousands of years. Many animal horns were used, but domestic cow horn is the most common. In colonial times, they reached the height both in utilitarian and as an art form. Hundreds of items were made from horn including small tools such as spoons, combs, dippers, cups, lantern panes and even book covers. In today’s terms, it was basically the plastic of the 18th century. Horns made excellent containers because they could be made air and water tight. Such horn containers were made to hold salt, rum, shot, gun powder and a variety of other things. During the mid-eighteenth century, every person who owned a firearm owned a powder horn to carry the black powder necessary to fire the firearm. Many horns remained plain, while others were engraved to commemorate an event in one’s life, decorated while soldiers were in camp or even others intricately carved to reflect one’s economic status. The powder horn, whether engraved or plain, is certainly a part of our proud heritage, and Tim Sanner continues in that tradition. 

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