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Gettysburg... and you thought we were just history!

Gettysburg invites you to spring into the new season with us!

As the weather warms up, come join us in Gettysburg! Spring is the perfect time to indulge in some of the great activities all around Adams County, whether it’s touring the battlefield, visiting one of our wineries or shopping downtown! Dust off your walking shoes and explore the outdoors at the local nature preserve, or make reservations to get in a round of golf on one of our championship courses. Tour through several of our museums that highlight the history of Gettysburg, or simply grab some ice cream and enjoy being out in the sunshine again! No matter what your favorite activity, you’ll find it here in Gettysburg.


Allow us to welcome you to Gettysburg this spring! As the website of Destination Gettysburg, the official destination marketing organization for Gettysburg and Adams County, Pa., we hope that you can find everything you need to make your stay memorable. Come enjoy the stunning battlefield, the delicious wineries and the unique shops – we’ll be sure to make your trip an experience to remember!

Upcoming Events

Poplar Basket Making
Primitive Skills
Strawberry Hill Nature Preserve
Happy Birthday East Berlin!
An East Berlin 250th Anniversary Celebration Event
Open For Lunch
Hickory Bridge Farm Restaurant

What's Your Gettysburg Passion?

Gettysburg is a very special place to me. I first came for the reason everyone else does, because a famous war was fought there, but I return so many times for a much deeper reason, a reason I never dreamed I would feel inside.
I first came to Gettysburg with my sister back in October of 2004. We came for the history and of course, we heard of this famous "haunted inn" and wanted to see if it was for real. I'll never forget the feeling I had once I got out of my truck and stepped foot on the streets of Gettysburg. It was soulful. I felt such an intense connection and I had no idea where it was coming from. It wasn't until my next visit just a few months later in early January of 2005 when I truly realized that Gettysburg was now a very special place for me and I'd return many times a year, year after year. 
At first I thought it was my military background that made me feel so proud to be here, but as time went on I knew it ran deeper than that.  When you're standing on Little Round Top looking out over Devil's Den and you take yourself back to those 3 days it sends goose bumps all over my body. How lucky I am to be standing here. How precious is this place I stand before. It's hallowed ground and you can feel it in your bones and you can even hear it if you let yourself listen. Each time I return to Gettysburg I feel like I'm coming home. I return because there's an ache in my heart that needs fulfilled if I'm gone too long. When I need to make some life changing decisions, this is where I come to do it. This is where I feel free, free to be me and listen to my heart. 
I don't know how else to describe Gettysburg besides a place I know I cannot live without and I'm sad it took me until my mid 30's to it.  My hope is that everyone that comes to Gettysburg to visit will leave with just a piece of what I feel when I come here, because if they do, I know they will return and won't wait too long to do so and I know anyone that was once incomplete will now be whole. My wish is that someday I will be able to call this wonderful place home. I'm very sad when I leave and at that very moment I drive west on route 30 outside the city, I long for my next visit. I long for my next trip home. 
Beth Youngblood-Dale