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The Inns and Outs of Gettysburg

The Inns and Bed & Breakfasts of Gettysburg

By Cory Runk – Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, home to vast amounts of Inns and Bed & Breakfasts providing tranquil comfort in a historical atmosphere. Each Inn nestles in the picturesque landscape of Adams County and proves to be a short trip from the historic Gettysburg Battlefield.

With over 30 Inns to choose from around the town of Gettysburg, how do you know which to choose? Being a town rich in Civil War history, there are plenty of Inns that are tied to the battle. Whether it’d be an Inn that was used as a field hospital or one that boasts a story on the civilian side of the battle, there is an ample amount of history in each Inn. Despite the battle being the main focal point of the town, there are also Inns that provide rich history dating before the battle and even before the 19th century. Here are a few Inns that offer great accommodations and unique stories.

The Brafferton Inn


“That B&B, the charming Brafferton Inn, at 44 York St. – the oldest house (1786) built in the town’s historic district – proved to be the perfect choice of accommodations for our memorable weekend.” –  Frank D. Quattrone – Ticket Editor, Montgomery Newspapers

The Brafferton Inn is a heavy-weight amongst the Inns of Gettysburg. The Brafferton has an abundance of rich history and unique appeal but it’s claim to fame is that it is the oldest deeded house in the town of Gettysburg. Originally called the Hoke house and then the Codori house because of the Hoke family building the homested in 1786 and the Codori family for buying it in 1843 and owning it for 124 years, respectively. Not only does this house and the families that have owned it have some of the deepest roots in the Gettysburg area, this house also served as a safe-haven for civilians during the Battle of Gettysburg. While the battle was raging on around the town, the Codori family invited neighbors to take shelter in their basement. After the battle, this home served as the local church since most churches were turned into field hospitals.

After speaking with innkeepers Joan, Brian and AmyBeth Hodges, it becomes apparent that this Inn makes for a fantastic place to stay the night and receive a breakfast that is second to none in the morning. The abundant history, period decor and serene atmosphere puts your mind and body at ease while allowing you to escape to our historic past.

For more information on The Brafferton Inn, please visit our website The Brafferton Inn.


The Barker House

“A lovely stay, a spectacular breakfast and very good conversation. Three cornerstones of a good stay that one rarely finds all at once. You can be sure we’ll be back many more times”.
– Barker House Patron

If the walls of this Inn could talk, it would tell you the fascinating story of General John B. Gordon, and his brigade of the Confederate Army. During the Battle of Gettysburg, General Gordon and his brigade were charged with moving past Gettysburg and continuing east toward York, PA. During their travels, they stopped for a brief respite in a home located in New Oxford, PA. During this short stay, the distraught homeowners George and Nancy Hersh did not like idea of a Confederate General staying in their home, so Nancy proceeded to lock herself in her room until they departed. The Barker House will forever be linked to the famous John B. Gordon because of his role in the burning of the Wrightsville Bridge in Wrightsville, PA.

While learning more about this beautiful colonial-style Inn from Innkeeper Elizabeth Sutton, you come to appreciate more about the house than just The Civil War aspect of it. The Barker house has been a staple in the New Oxford landscape dating back to 1794 and was originally built to be an Inn/Tavern before being sold to the Hersh family. This house is the second oldest house in New Oxford.


The Lightner Farmhouse Bed & Breakfast

Lightner House“Friendly wonderful Inn Keepers!!!! Strongly recommend!!!!! We stayed with our 2 boys and it was a perfect night! Love staying in an old home. The location is perfect and right by shopping too!!! Very close to the battle fields and just a peaceful experience!”
– TripAdvisor Review

A newly built farmhouse turned field hospital, the Lightner homested was thrusted into turmoil when they least expected it. Named after the original home owner, Isaac Lightner, the Lightner house was built in 1862, one year before the Civil War found it’s way to the peaceful town of Gettysburg. Shortly after the battle concluded, the Union Army commandeered the Lightner house to use as a field hospital for the sick and wounded. Lightner, his wife and four of their 11 children tended to the wounded and aided with the amputations that took place in their parlor room. Their house continued to be used as a field hospital for three weeks after the battle. The scars of this event still remain with the house to this day. Knife marks in the parlor room floor from soldiers keeping track of something can still be seen. Not only are there physical remains, but also some spirits still linger on the grounds and can be felt from time to time. According to innkeepers Dennis & Eileen Hoover, these spirits are benevolent and have not disturbed the peace of the Lightner House but do add to the lore of the home.

This historic colonial-style home not only offers living history by participating in the re-enactment of the Battle of Gettysburg, but it also provides tranquil living for the perfect getaway retreat. Enjoy a delicious warm breakfast in their 19th century style dining room or take a walk on the nature trails through their 19 acre estate.


The Inn at Lincoln Square

InnLincoln-1“Spent the weekend in the Irene Danner Suite over looking the Lincoln Square. Lovely place was very clean and the staff was polite and respectful they were there at a drop of a dime when needed. This was a great find!”
– TripAdvisor Review

Named after the round-about square in the center of town that it is situated on, The Inn at Lincoln Square has the location that cannot be beat. The Inn at Lincoln Square, previously known as the Danner house for the original owner, Joel Danner. Danner became a popular man in Gettysburg after purchasing his home in 1834. During his time in Gettysburg, Denner was an elected official in the town of Gettysburg as the Clerk of Courts and served a term of three years. He eventually was an elected Congressman in 1850 before returning home to help prep his town in case the Civil War found its way to Gettysburg. When it eventually did, Danner helped organize an emergency militia to combat the Confederate Army. Four buildings that witnessed this infamous battle stand on Lincoln Square to this day. The Inn at Lincoln Square is one of them.

Not only does this Inn have the perfect location, it also has the elegant and picturesque interior that makes this historic house desirable to incoming travelers. With refined suites that make a perfect getaway for couples or townhouses that can accommodate up to six guests at once, there is something for every type of guest.


About the Author
Cory Runk is a native of the Adams County area and has spent many years frequenting the fine establishments of Gettysburg. Despite spending the majority of his life in or around Gettysburg, Cory still manages to learn new and interesting facts about the town and finds that to be one of the greatest features of the town. Cory is an avid photographer, nature hiker, sports enthusiast, and beer lover. Cory currently lives in Waynesboro, PA with his wife, Bridget.


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The Inns and Outs of Gettysburg

The Inns and Outs of Gettysburg

The Inns and Bed & Breakfasts of Gettysburg By Cory Runk – Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, home to vast amounts of Inns and Bed & Breakfasts providing tranquil comfort in a historical atmosphere. Each Inn nestles in the picturesque landscape of Adams County and proves to be a short trip from the historic Gettysburg Battlefield. With over 30 … Continue reading The Inns and Outs of Gettysburg

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