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Reconnecting with friends in Gettysburg

By Lynneah Smith – Every year around this time, as the sun-shining days grow longer and the cool night’s breeze whispers in the dark, friends and families gather together in celebration of the season. It is a time for reconnecting with loved ones, relishing the outdoors and the plentiful activities that abound in the summer. It is a time for reminiscing of experiences past and creating newfound memories to last a lifetime. The historic town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, embraces the camaraderie of summer-time fun and is the ideal place for both locals and visitors to enjoy all that this charming town has to offer.


Something I look forward to during the summer months is the chance to reunite with friends from college. It is exciting to visit each other and have the opportunity to explore where we all come from. Recently, my friend Charlotte traveled from the big city of Philadelphia to join me in the quaint, yet lively town of Gettysburg. I had exactly one day to help her experience the history, enchantment and personality of the place I call home.


CulpsHill (8)Our first stop Saturday morning was the Culp’s Hill observation tower. Once a year my family picnics amid the rocks at the bottom of the hill intending to make the climb to the top with our hiking shoes on and our bellies full. It’s one of my favorite traditions and I wanted Charlotte to be apart of an experience I cherish. As we made our way up the 60-foot tower, rising above tall oak trees on the summit of the hill, we paused with laughter when we realized how out of shape we were climbing up the – what seemed like – endless set of stairs. Yet, when we finally reached the top, we instantly forgot about all of our huffing and puffing, because our breath was now taken away by something much different. It was the astounding 360-degree view of the battlefield and town in the distance that captured our attention.


lynneahs friendThough I’ve lived in Gettysburg my entire life, our next adventure was something new to me as well. Charlotte and I made our way across the beaten dirt paths, under the shrubbery-enclosed bridge and up the ridge strewn with large boulders. We were now peering out across the open grassland of the battlefield, searching for Little Round Top in the distance and standing in the exact spot soldiers 150 years ago fought during the second day of the Battle of Gettysburg … Devil’s Den. Charlotte, a ghost story enthusiast, spent the hours peering through the cracks of the boulders in hopes to see an orb or remnants of the past. I, more of a nature enthusiast, spent my time basking in the sunshine and taking in the stunning scenery, all while feeling humbled to be among such hallowed ground.

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By the time we finished our excursions on the battlefield, our tummies were growling. We made our way back into town, where we met my friend Meagan who was joining in the excitement for the evening. At 7 o’clock on a Saturday night, our energetic town was rolling with sidewalk strollers, window shoppers and food lovers. Luckily, we did not have to wait for our delicious dinner at The Pub Restaurant. As newly turned 21-year-olds, we ordered some fruity cocktails and enjoyed a little people-watching while sitting at our table outside, right on the Lincoln Square. Each of our eyes widened and our mouths watered when the server brought us our food. I enjoyed the delicious Panini Pub Sandwich filled with layers of ham, salami and provolone, covered in Italian seasonings and paired with scrumptious beer-battered fries. My appetite had been satisfied to say the least.


As the sun set and our night came to a close, we made one last stop with a trip to the Hauser Estate Winery located in the beautiful farmlands just outside of town. While we delighted in “The Sweet One,” a wine reminiscent of white Zinfandel, cherry-flavored with a splash of lime, laughter filled the air on the moonlit deck of the winery. Pretty soon our feet were carrying us to the dance floor. We twisted and swayed for the rest of the night to the musical styling of Motown with Tyrone. The sounds of the trumpet whistled in the summer night’s air. As the band played the last few chords, I looked around, taken aback by the remarkable sights of the vast grape vineyards below and feeling truly blessed to have been able to reconnect with two of my life-long friends. I can only image what the spirited town of Gettysburg holds in store for the remainder of the summer.



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