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Gettysburg Black History Museum Visitor Center

As early as the late 1700’s Africans were brought to Gettysburg as slave labor. In the course of time others would arrive as free men. While much of the nation lay in the grip of slavery, they were beginning a ‘new birth of freedom’, a mere 7 miles north of the Mason Dixon Line. For over two centuries, they helped build and mold this town of Civil War destiny.

Our Black Heritage Tour: A Road to Freedom brings to light the untold stories of the American Black Experience played out in a town just north of the horrors of slavery. Hear amazing stories of the contributions of black families to our local and national heritage. Learn about their dramatic plight leading up to and during the actual battle in Gettysburg.

90 minute Tours are available from 9am until dusk, starting from the Gettysburg Hotel (One Lincoln Square) and concluding at Old Gettysburg Village.

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Address: 777 Baltimore Pike
#102 Old Gettysburg Village
Gettysburg, PA 17325
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Phone: 855-804-8884
90-minute tours 9am - dusk
Harold Holzer Presentation and Book Signing
Saturday, November 15, 2014
Appearance/Signing Event

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Gettysburg Black History Museum Visitor Center  Gettysburg Black History Museum Visitor Center 
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