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Walk in the footsteps of the soldiers and citizens who forged a stronger nation. The American Civil War was a defining event in our nation's history, a tragic struggle of brother against brother that threatened to dissolve a democratic nation. Pennsylvania's fields, forests, and towns stood witness to some of its most pivotal battles.

Pennsylvania Civil War Trails lets you discover the Civil War where it happened and fully appreciate the cost and sacrifice of our Commonwealth in the struggle for justice and equality. By immersing yourself in the real-life stories, roadtrips, and ultra-high resolution panoramic photos, you'll experience firsthand the people, places, and events that shaped our Civil War heritage.

From battlefields and museums to Story Stops and living history interpreters, this enlightening experience is a journey to the margins. Here the silent stories are told, the faceless brought to life, the places in between explored. Here the small towns and families who endured our most personal war are the heroes.

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