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George Washington
Ever wonder what it would be like to travel back in time and meet George Washington face to face? I can’t provide a time machine, but I can offer the next best thing, my historical character interpretation of Washington. My purpose for portraying Washington is to bring this American icon and legend to life as the thinking, feeling (and fallible) human being that he was. My hope is that people seeing my work will feel that they have gotten to know the Father of Our Country personally. In addition to telling stories from Washington’s life in the first person, I also enjoy the opportunity to interact with an audience while in character.

Meet James Maclay 
James is a local (Franklin County) miller enjoying his later years in peace. However, for four long years his life was anything but peaceful. He served in the Union Army during the Civil War as an artillerist, including fighting on all three days at Gettysburg. Experience my portrayal of James to hear not only what it was like to fight in the war, but also about life after the war including the early efforts to commemorate the Battle of Gettysburg and preserve the battlefield.  

Historical American Popular Song
As a trained vocalist, I am fascinated with performing songs popular with the American People during the early days of our country and during the Civil War. I feel a connection with these people when I sing the same songs they sang at home, in the taverns, around the fire, and while marching along and I love sharing that connection. I also love it when people sing along! No dull lectures here, this is lively historical entertainment everyone can enjoy. I accompany my singing with guitar and six-string banjo.  

Early Music on Lute and Vihuela
This is elegant instrumental music from the renaissance and baroque periods played on reproduction instruments. It’s perfect for dinners, receptions, and anywhere elegant, low-volume music is appropriate.  Hear music from the past played on renaissance lute, baroque lute, and vihuela (an early Spanish guitar).

Acting, Dramatic Reading, Poetry Reading, Public Speaking

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