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Are you and your family tired of the standard walk & talk ghost tours that claim to be investigations? Let our investigators lead you to actual paranormal hot spots in and around Gettysburg. We offer an exciting, hands-on experience that puts the power of the investigation in YOUR hands. 

On our investigations, we caravan to some of the most haunted locations and actually communicate with the dead. We provide you with all of the equipment needed to hear, see, feel and locate any paranormal activity in each area. We use EVP recorders and conduct ghost box sessions in two minute intervals so you will communicate with intelligent spirits in real time. No waiting for your evidence to arrive in the mail two months later. You will hear what we capture on the investigation that night. We take a picture of your group and put it under your investigation date with all the evidence we capture so you can see and hear it in approximately two weeks on our website. You will be able to download this evidence to your Facebook page or website. We have been having incredible experiences with our customers contacting their loved ones who have passed. It's amazing and so many of our customers have cried having one last chance to say goodbye or I love you. It truly is a touching experience. 

Join our staff of expert paranormal investigators who have extensive hours in the field. Their expertise will help you hone in on paranormal hot spots, and walk you through the process of using the equipment. Bring your flashlights and cameras, because a lot of the activity is caught by your own cameras. 

We are not physically located downtown with all the other ghost tours. We meet our guests at close by locations and caravan out to our destinations so it's important that you call us to reserve your spot. Last minute... no worries. We have enough investigators to accommodate everyone. We do specialize in small groups so please call ahead. 717-451-1070 or 717-630-8101.  Give us a call to make a reservation.

Contact Susan for discount information.  If you don't have transportation, don't let that stop you.  Call us and we will pick you up at your location. Don't let the price scare you.  If you have a large group, we will work with you on the price.

10% discount available for Groups 10 or more. You choose your time.  You have your own investigator. Three hours, three locations. 


  • Wedding/Receptions
  • Student Travel

Attraction Information

  • Tour Type : Guided Tour

Property Information

  • Group Tour Contact : Susan Barton
  • General : Student Friendly

Group Tour Information

  • Average Time Required : 1 1/2 hours to 3 hours
  • # Required for Group Discount : ten
  • Other Info : We are open when everything else is closed.