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Lincoln presentations can be time tailored to fit your individual time requirements. Talks can also include meeting and greeting, photo opportunities, and question and answer session. Some examples of programs are:

Lincoln's Life Lessons: A performance on the axioms that Lincoln found most helpful, illustrated through humorous anecdotes and stories

Lincoln- Lies, Legends, and Myths: Abraham sets the records straight, separating fact from fiction.

Lincoln's Formative Years: Performance about what it is like growing up in the early 1800's

Gettysburg Address-- Meaning and Myth:  An in-depth review of the current day meaning of the Gettysburg Address, and the myths surrounding it

A. Lincoln: Performance of a one-man two-act stage play 

Lincoln And Grant's First Meeting: Performed with a Grant presenter, the meeting is conducted like a job interview.

Lincoln's Life Highlights:  Talk covers facets of Lincoln's life which is modified depending on age or grade level.

Lincoln's Battle with Slavery: In-depth review of the issues culminating with the 13th amendment.

Lincoln's Love on Pennsylvania: Lincoln discusses deep Pennsylvania roots and reasons why it is his personal "Keystone State".


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