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Let us help you plan your next Gettysburg visit - A Top Group Tour Destination!

Allow us to welcome your Group Tour to Gettysburg!

It is hard to believe that fall nearly over. The colors do still adorn our trees, but many of our leaves have begun to fall. Now is the time to think about one last Gettysburg group visit in 2014. There is still time to plan for Dedication Day on November 19 to focus on President Lincoln and the Gettysburg Address or the Remembrance Day Parade - or even the holidays this December.  

We are here to help with your next trip whether it be this year, 2015 or furhter out. If you are you looking for a Gettysburg tour iseas, overnight lodging for your group, or Gettysburg student travel ideas - Destination Gettysburg is your partner. 

Gettysburg was recently named in the Top 50 Group Tour Destinations of 2014 by Byways Magazine, so whether you’re looking for a great group meeting location or a place for your group to just relax, Gettysburg is ready to make your next group tour experience easy and fun to plan!

Gettysburg is centrally located to many other amazing sites as well. Make us an essential stop on your journey, as we are located within 1-2 hours of Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Hershey and Lancaster; Washington, D.C.; and Baltimore, Harpers Ferry and Antietam in Maryland.

Bring your group tour to Gettysburg and allow them to experience Adams County, from the fresh fruits and vegetables at our orchards, to the wines from the wineries, to the education they’ll gain in the local museums. Make Gettysburg your group destination and plan a trip they’ll never forget!

Upcoming Events

Local Singer Songwriter Night
Featuring Doug Alan Wilcox
Reid's Winery & Cider House Cafe
Women's Singer Songwriter Night
Featuring Pale Barn Ghosts
Reid's Winery & Cider House Cafe

What's Your Gettysburg Passion?

I was just amazed when I first stepped on the actual ground where 1,000s of Americans died, it was mind blowing but a great experience. After a year later I am still trying to wrap  all of it in my head that I got to go to a battlefield, I even inspired my history teacher to go, he was so excited when he told me that he was going to go to Gettysburg this year. It felt good to inspire someone about my trip to Gettysburg and my passion for it and history.

If I could I would totally go again, I'm even thinking of going to collage there!

I want every history lover to go visit the battlefield, you will not be disappointed! 

Lupita  Prieto
Lyons ,NE