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FEB 25

Civil War Lecture Series with Tim Smith

Join us in Sweney's Tavern at 6:00pm for our Civil War Lecture Series with Tim Smith. Enjoy a nice dinner and drinks from the bar while you learn about various Civil War topics. Suggested $10 admission.
February 11, 2018: Roads to Gettysburg “The Battle was fought at Gettysburg because the Roads led them there” --Bruce Catton
In 1747 a road was laid out from York, Pennsylvania to Nichol’s Gap through the Marsh Creek Settlement. In 1769 the Baltimore and Shippensburg road was established creating an intersection near the site of Samuel Gettys Tavern. The intersection would blossom into a prosperous town and eventually a County Seat. By the time of the Civil War ten roads intersected at or near the town. As the troops were marching through this area they could not avoid the road hub. And this is the number one major reason the battle was fought here. Join historian and guide Timothy H. Smith, as we discuss the devolvement of each of the roads that led to Gettysburg and little bit about the historical events that occurred along them.

February 25, 2018: The African American Citizens of Gettysburg
The 1860 Census recorded that there were 400 Black citizens of Adams County, more than half in the Borough of Gettysburg and Cumberland Township. Some were former slaves while other were born free in Pennsylvania. But for all, the fear of invasion in 1863, with the ever present threat of being taken captive, was all too real. The black residents of Gettysburg left behind little in the way of eyewitness testimony. But their stories are there and deserve to be told. Join Historians Timothy H. Smith and Andrew Dalton as they discuss their research into the black community during the battle and how they were affected by events of July 1863.

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