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DEC 11

Magic the Gathering: Mid-Season Standard League

Join FOURCORNERS COMICS for our Mid-Season Standard League starting Saturday, September November 4th and running through Saturday, January 6th. We will hold a Standard League Deck Tournament on Saturday, January 6th from 4-8pm for all participants. Our weekly League day is Saturday from 4-8pm - starting on Saturday 11/4. Saturday times are set to get as many match ups in as possible, but players may stop in to play League matches any time during the week. Here's how it works:

1. Joining the League is $15 and includes 3 Booster Packs from Standard (Kaladesh - IXALAN), a League Match Card and an IXALAN Deck Box (Returning IXALAN League Players will not receive a new box).
2. Each participant will build a minimum 30 card deck from those packs and may add additional lands.
3. Each match is one game only. Players should not play the same opponent twice in a row.
4. Each player may take one free mulligan per match.
5. Players may purchase one additional booster pack to add to your pool each week or after three losses.
6. Each player is responsible for recording the win/loss record.
7. Player participation and win prizes will be given out at the end of League based on record - including the Unclaimed Territory Foil League Promo card!

You can join any time during the month. Hope to see you there!

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