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NOV 18

The President's 14th Annual Remembrance Day Dinner & Ball

This year we will be hosting two Dinners and Balls, one each Friday and Saturday nights. Complete with a social hour and a three course dinner.  Music by the 17 piece Dodworth Saxhorn Band. Aside from the musicians, each evening will be completely different; different food, music, dances, dance masters, flowers, door prized, and chocolate frams.  The photographer will use different backdrops. Both evenings have an optional theme but regular civil war attire is fine.

Friday night will be a Grand Masquerade Ball. It seems that our ancestors also enjoyed dressing in attire from other time periods. Roman or Greek, Renaissance or Middle Ages, Colonial or Revival, you have a host of options to choose from.

Saturday will be a crystal Ball. The ladies are encouraged to wear a tiara ( very popular in the 1860's) and decorate their CW era gowns with crystals. White or pastel gowns work very well for this theme. Perhaps white flowers for your hair. The gentlemen can wear a white boutonniere. Also, scroll down for some suggestions for both men and ladies.


Aside from the The Dodworth Saxhorn Band playing both nights, each ball will be completely different...different music, dances, dance masters, photographer backdrops, prizes, flowers, food and chocolate frames. The new chef at the Hotel has made the past three years something to remember. We will do everything we can to make each evening an enjoyable experience for you. And...there are some changes planned!

For Friday, November 18th, it will be a Fancy Dress (Masquerade) Ball. You may come wearing anything from any time period PRIOR to 1865. This type of ball was very popular during the War as it allowed for creativity and provided for a lot of fun. Perhaps a Roman Senator or Marie Antoinette. Or a Renaissance prince! In short, this will allow you to experience something that our predecessors thought was great fun! Check out the link on the website for more details and prints of different ideas on what they wore. And remember, it's optional.

Saturday's Ball on November 19th, the true anniversary of Remembrance Day, will be a Crystal Ball. This evening will be more of a standard Ball but will allow you to change things up a bit.

For full details and to see the photos, visit our website. For more information and to register please contact John Newbold at 717-420-5145 or

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