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Rules and regulations for Destination Gettysburg's #MyGettysburg Story and #GettysburgMoments



#GettysburgMoments Contest Rules & Regulations

Throughout 2017, we want you to share your Gettysburg moments with us! Post your Gettysburg photos on Instagram with the hashtag #GettysburgMoments to be entered to win prizes. Every month, three winners will be chosen. 

How do I enter?

Post a Gettysburg photo to your Instagram account with the hashtag #GettysburgMoments. Make sure your account is public so we can find your posts. 

How do I win?

Every month, three winners will be chosen. Destination Gettysburg staff will vote for the three best submissions each month. 

Can I enter more than once?

You may submit as many photos as you would like each month. However, you only have the opportunity to win one prize per month.

What do I win?

Each month, we will give away different prizes. First place prizes could be tickets to a Gettysburg museum or attraction, free tastings at a winery or distillery, or a a gift card to a Gettysburg restaurant. Second and third place winners could be a Destination Gettysburg t-shirt, umbrella, bag, etc. 

How do I pick up my prize?

We will contact the winners via private message on Instagram for a mailing address. All prizes will be sent via US Mail. 

General Disclaimer: No purchase necessary to receive your prize. Only one prize may be won per person each month. No exchanges are permitted. 



#MyGettysburg Story Rules & Regulations

What is your #MyGettysburg Story?

We know you love Gettysburg, whether it is the Civil War history, Eisenhower, our amazing town or our breathtaking countryside. Maybe you have a restaurant that brings you back every year - or month. Perhaps you can't miss a special event that for you is what Gettysburg is all about. Don't keep it to yourself! Share your story with us and with others who need to know just how much you love Gettysburg and why. Send us your photo and your story, or better yet, a video of you telling us why you love it here. We need to know who you are, where you are from and that this is your "My Gettysburg Story." You can check out a great example here. Be sure to include #MyGettysburg when sharing socially. 

If you share your story, we will send you a #MyGettysburg t-shirt. So send us your #MyGettysburg story so everyone can learn why you love Gettysburg and why they will, too! 

#MyGettysburg Story t-shirt qualifiers:

General Disclaimer: No purchase necessary to receive your t-shirt. Only one shirt per person.  

Contestant Release:

All entries into any contest or promotion grant Destination Gettysburg (D/B/A Gettysburg Travel Council) the use of submitted stories and/or photos and videos submitted for future promotional purposes. 

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